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We are a team of experienced latex screed flooring installers in Bristol with a real passion for every element of a flooring project.

If you are looking for a flat surface over your existing floor or a new floor with a smooth surface, look no further.

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Why Use Us?

We are accredited latex screed floor covering installers with years of experience in every part of the latex floor installation process.

Our team of highly skilled expert installers in Bristol excel at the installation and repair of screeds and mixed compound floors. We have installed thousands of floor-covering areas for clients across the entirety of the UK!

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Laytex Flooring Screeding We Offer

There are many different types of Laytex flooring products available in the UK, from latex screed materials to self-levelling compounds.

We offer all of these as part of our service and can help you to choose the right latex screed floor types for your needs.

Bonded Laytex Flooring Screed

Bonded latex screed is one of the most popular flooring materials for most purposes. This is a latex and cement-based floor covering with a levelling compound, applied in a thin layer to create a smooth finish over an uneven surface.

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Laytex Flooring Costs Bristol

The cost of latex screed flooring usually ranges between £20 per square metre and £80 per square metre, with free delivery included. There is no single price, however, as several factors can affect the cost of latex screeds.

What Can Influence the Cost of Laytex Flooring?

Several things can affect the pricing of your latex screed floor. This includes the specific materials used; different types of latex and levelling compounds cost different amounts.

If you have underfloor heating in Bristol, this may require more expensive preparation work, too.

There is no need to search out prices and instructions; however, just contact our friendly team today, and we will help you out with a free quote for how much it will cost you to lay a high-quality latex screed vinyl floor.

Where Is Laytex Flooring Installed?

Laytex flooring can be installed in a huge range of different locations in both private and public spaces, including:

and more.

Laytex Flooring Benefits

There are many benefits to Laytex flooring, making it suitable for almost any location. Latex screed allows for a much more durable surface than tile or carpet and can be spread across a simple concrete subfloor without needing to worry about difficult details when laying it.

The liquid mix will give a smooth finish over flat or uneven floors alike much more easily than carpets or tiles will, thanks to the levelling compound included in the latex screed, and the end result is a smooth, flat surface that will not stain, scratch, or chip.

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Laytex Screed vs Flow Screed

Latex screed and flow screed are very similar substances, both of which are poured over a subfloor to a certain depth to create a smooth, self-levelling floor.

The difference is in the product types. When you buy latex screed, the Bristol supplier will deliver a bag of powder, which is mixed with water to form a glue-like liquid that can then be poured over a subfloor.

Flow screed tends to come premixed in the form of a bucket of liquid that is ready to pour.

What is Laytex Flooring?

Latex flooring is a form of epoxy plastic supplied in a bag containing a large quantity of powder that is then combined with water.

This creates a thick liquid mixture that can then be poured to the desired depth over your subfloor. It will start to thicken in about 15 minutes, and when it sets hard, it will create a tough, durable vinyl floor for your room, tougher than concrete or tiles.

Laytex Flooring Services We Offer

We offer latex floor covering services for a variety of different scenarios, both domestic and commercial.

Commercial Laytex Flooring Bristol

Commercial environments need a smooth floor, not an uneven one, and it needs to be tough and slip-resistant. There is no better option than latex.

Domestic Laytex Flooring Bristol

Even in domestic situations, rooms such as garages and kitchens benefit from hard-wearing floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it laytex or latex?

Laytex and latex are very similar, but it is important not to mix them up. Laytex is a specific brand name, while latex is a generic material.

Is screed and latex the same?

Latex is a type of screed flooring, but there are other screeds, such as flow or vinyl screed.

Is laytex screed strong?

Latex screeds are among the strongest possible flooring materials, giving a far tougher covering than most other floors you could use for any project.

Is laytex the same as self-levelling?

Laytex is a type of self-levelling compound.


If you are looking to create tough, long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring, you have come to the right place. As experts in latex floor installation in Bristol, we can help you cover your uneven subfloor surface, all with free delivery anywhere in the country!

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